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Published on 1 May 2024

Welcome to the Peace, Human Rights and Culture Network!

The network brings together practitioners and expert staff of the Swiss Federal Administration, its direct partners as well as associated experts around the world. Through knowledge sharing and exchange the network contributes to the quality and effectiveness of the SDC and its partners. 

Main topics

30 January 2024

Sustaining Peace, Conflict Transformation & Conflict Prevention

Since 2003 the SDC supports activities that strengthen structures to prevent and transform violent conflicts.

30 January 2024

Working in Fragile Contexts – Strengthening Resilience

The OECD defines 5 dimensions of fragility: political, societal, security, environmental and economic. It is defined as the combination of exposure to risk and insufficient coping capacity of the state, system and/or communities to manage, absorb or mitigate those risks.

30 January 2024

Human Rights

Promoting human rights is an integral part of Switzerland's poverty reduction mandate.

30 January 2024

Culture & Development

The SDC is convinced that arts and culture are fundamental drivers of sustainable development. Read more on why culture matters and the SDC's cultural percent...

30 January 2024

Transversal Themes on Peace, Human Rights and Culture

We have divided our transversal themes into [A] Triple Nexus, referring to the interlinkages between humanitarian, development and peace actions; and [B] Interculturality.

30 January 2024

Tools on Peace, Human Rights and Culture

Currently we propose the following four toolboxes: CSPM; HRBA; PSA; and Culture and Development.